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Where Are All The Spring Homes For Sale?

Posted on May 11, 2016 by Evelyn Johnston in A Real Estate Agency, New Home Construction

Where Are All The Spring Homes For Sale?

Spring is the time of year that has the most homes for sale, yet, buyers are asking, where are all the Spring homes for sale? By the time I find them, they are already sold! Why?

There is a shortage of home to buy.  Partly because the home owners who went through a short sale or foreclosure during the bubble bust have rebuilt their credit, stabilized their jobs and are back in the market to own a home.  Some of them have already been successful and are enjoying home ownership again. Because of them returning to the market, there is a shortage of homes to buy.

How about New Construction? Have you considered buying a spec home? Elkhart County Builder’s have several in the process of being built and are many are entered into the Parade of Homes Plus hosted by the Builder’s Association of Elkhart County. The Parade of Homes Plus is June 18 until June 28th, 2016 in scattered locations.

Where are all the Spring homes for sale? If they were:

  • Priced Right
  • Ultra Clean
  • Updated

they are already sold! Everything else is still on the market… where are al the Spring homes for sale?  Right here…

New Home Construction in Bristol

New Home Construction in Elkhart

New Home Construction in Goshen

New Home Construction in Granger

New Home Construction in Middlebury

New Home Construction in Millersburg

New Home Construction in Milford

New Home Construction in Mishawaka

New Home Construction in Nappanee

New Home Construction in New Paris

New Home Construction in Osceola

New Home Construction in South Bend

New Home Construction in Wakarusa

Is moving in your plans this year? Call a Real Estate Professional who knows how to find you the home of your dreams, whether it is pre-owned or under construction! Friends & Neighbors Real Estate has qualified Professionals in all segments of Elkhart County. Give us a call, and we will help you sort out the homes in the area YOU want to live in!


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