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Craftsman Village Nappanee

Subdivision Features

  • Extra wide sidewalks
  • Front Porches

 Craftsman Village Nappanee is where Neighbors and Nature Meet

We are located in Nappanee, Indiana, at the end of Jackson Street, just off W. Market Street. Our streets will connect with 1350 and State Road 19, in the future.

Our Focus at Craftsman Village is refreshing, we are all about People and Community!Friends & Neighbors Stroll down the extra wide sidewalks

Extra wide sidewalks to encourage walking side by side and extra large porches where Friends & Neighbors can gather to enjoy their first cup of coffee of the day, or a cool refreshing beverage during the evening.

People are the focus at Craftsman Village

Bicycles and kids playing are common sites, and neighbors know each other! We believe that the way a neighborhood is built can have a big impact on promoting a sense of community!

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