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Real People Use Friends & Neighbors for Service Providers and House Hunting!

Posted on January 5, 2015 by Evelyn Johnston in A Real Estate Agency, Buyer, Seller

Everyone has heard the phrase that People do Business with The People you Know, Like and Trust, and in fact that is the tag line for our new Brand Name, Friends & Neighbors Real Estate.  But HOW do they get to know you?  Then Like you? Then Trust you?

Steps are the answer.  You have to do them in order, no one can just start trusting you before they get to know something about you and end up liking you.  It just doesn’t work that way…

Generally speaking, mass mailing of postcards doesn’t influence people to make a decision based solely on the message in the postcard, unless they have that particular need.  When your message lines up with their need, they have already begun to know that you are the expert for them and they like knowing you are the most frequently called agent to come and list the homes in their area.  They also will trust you to get the offer that allows them to move on in their life. Until they had the need though, they did not call you.

From Then to Now 1 Up jpeg

As we start the New Year with a New Name, I will be writing a series on what it takes to re-brand yourself and earn the Know, Like and Trust-ability factor all over again.  I believe when they realize it is still us, it will make the transition smoother…

We are the Real People that live here in the same real estate market that potential Clients live in.  You already Know, Like and Trust us to treat you right, deliver on our promise to take excellent care of you, just as you deserve!

Are you thinking of moving this Spring?  NOW is the time to take the first steps.  Give me a call, Evelyn Johnston, and we will have a competent and capable Real Estate Agent explain the process to you.  You can reach Friends & Neighbors Real Estate at 574-304-7148.